Upland Hunting

For over 40 years, hunters have traveled to Green Acres to experience the finest pheasant & upland game hunting in Illinois.

With its rolling prairie terrain separated with creeks, ponds, and woodlands, our 1,200 acres boasts diverse wildlife habitat, overwhelming beauty, and upland hunting perfection.

Our amount of land allows us to dedicate over a dozen incredibly large hunting fields. This will ensure that you have a very private upland experience regardless of if you are hunting solo or bringing a group!

Hunters may pursue a wide variety of upland species, including pheasant, Hungarian partridge, bob white quail, and chukar partridge.

Also, during specified season, cottontail rabbit, woodcock, snipe, rail, and mourning dove may be harvested. By carefully managing our grounds, we are able to guarantee your hunt experience exceeds the quality of any other upland hunting venue.

Bring your retriever, bring your pointer, or use a highly trained club gun dog to experience the best upland hunting anywhere!

Pheasant and other upland hunts are Exclusive to Green Acres members; however, non-members are allowed one introductory hunt per year.

Connect with us to learn more.

Some Tips, Advise & Safety reminders for a Successful Hunt

When you call or email the Club Office to book a hunt please be ready with the information to the following questions:

  1. Day, Date & Time you want to Hunt.
  2. Make sure you have an up to date Hunting Licence, for those coming from out of state you will need a “Non-resident Hunting Preserve Licence” which can be obtained by going to: exploremoreil.com
  3. The Number of hunters in your group?
  4. Number of birds and species (4 Bird Minimum per Hunter) you want planted.
    5. Do you need a guide?
    6. Do you want a breakfast, Brunch or Lunch?

Please note the Kitchen does NOT operate on a “Walkin” daily basis.

 *Upland Hunt Bookings are Time Specific.

The “booked time” of your Hunt is also important, for example if you are booked in at say 8.30, please bear in mind there are likely to be others in before you, so if you arrive early you may have to be patient and enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait till your scheduled time for the birds to be put out, as our staff can only plant so many fields at any one time.

Please stay within your designated hunt field.   All of our property lines and boundaries are very easy to see and understand.  We establish boundaries for your safety and the hunt party next to you as well.  If a shot bird happens to land on a neighbor’s property, please do not cross the line to pick it up……We will call and get permission and retrieve your quarry for you.  Respect No Trespassing signs. 

As a CLUB RULE we ask all our Hunters to pick up your spent shells and any other shells that you may see lying on the ground during your hunt, we need your help in keeping our property environmentally friendly. 

SAFETY:   No loaded guns in the car park or around club buildings, do NOT load you gun until in the Hunt field!! And Unload and make all Guns Safe before leaving the Field!

 Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and remember:

Successful Hunting is always Safe Hunting!




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