Sporting Clays

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green acres tower 1

High tower

Our newly revised sporting clays course is now open for shooting. The new setup replicates true English sporting clays and our target presentations, that will change weekly, provides both entertaining and challenging shooting for all levels of skill. In addition, we are currently offering our unique rabbit skeet, driven flurry/flush, and the high tower challenge.

Sporting Clays 8. 24.4.16


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Our 5-stand is open year round, and will be set with challenging presentations for the wintertime months.
5 Stand landscaped

Conveniently located less than 100 yards from the clubhouse our fully automated 5-stand is set up with 6 to 12 sporting clays machines, with presentations that are set so all can enjoy.




Our sporting clays course begins nearby. Our newly revised course meanders through a beautiful pine forest and rolling prairie. Each station on our course has been carefully chosen for its unique terrain and vegetation adding variety to the shooter’s experience. Two automatic throwers per station and a high tower allow our target setters to be limitless in their creativity.




Throughout the year our presentations are routinely changed, such that there is always a new experience for our regular shooters. We strive to set well balanced courses that challenge the serious competitor, yet are friendly to the novice.

Our sporting clays course is open to the public from March to November, while our 5-stand is open year round.