Green Acres is Now Accepting Applications for 2021 Memberships

  • Over 1,000 acres of pristine bird habitat for your hunting pleasure
  • On-site shooting instruction, gun fitting and sporting clays course
  • Early access to club sponsored hunts of British and American style
  • Memberships include family access
  • Short drive from Chicago, Champaign, and Bloomington
  • Exclusive access to club events and seminars
  • Exclusive discounts on dog training

All members receive an annual $250 bird credit to use on their hunts at Green Acres Sportsman’s Club.

What We Offer

Dog Training

The main focus of our hunting dog training program (Gun Dog Success) is and always has been to produce efficient, disciplined hunting dogs that make good family members.

All members receive discounts on training programs. Our membership program truly extends to the canine members of your family.


Our game facilities and team manage many different game birds from mallards, pheasants, chukars, quail and even Hungarian partridge. 

All members receive an annual $250 bird credit to use on their hunts at Green Acres.


Each year we release young mallards onto our large purpose built water system and are allowed to live “free range.” As these mallards develop, they learn to fly and feed like wild birds. However, through proper management, these ducks are kept in the confines of our nearly 1,200 acre game preserve.

Sporting Clays

Our 12 station English sporting clays, 5 stand layout and unique rabbit skeet range will entertain and challenge all levels of shooter from the novice to the serious competitor.

The Fields of Your Dreams

For over 20 years, we’ve managed and manicured our fields to exacting specifications. The gently sloped meadows where pheasant, chukar, Hungarian partridge, and quail lie in hiding are the sights of your bird hunting dreams.

Shooting Instruction & Gun Fitting

Resident Coach, Keith Coyle, is considered one of the United Kingdom’s most traditionally trained and experienced professional shooting instructors and gun fitters.

Memberships Levels

Sportsman’s Membership

  • Includes yourself, spouse, and any children under 21.
  • Guest Fee- $36.00 per gun, limited to 3 visits per guest.
  • $250.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.


Gold Membership

  • Includes yourself, spouse, children under 29 and parents over 65.
  • No guest fees apply.
  • $300.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.


Corporate Membership

  • May designate 3 employees as members who may visit individually.
  • No guest fees apply.
  • Guests must be accompanied by one of the designated members.
  • $600.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.


Clay’s Only Membership

  • The annual Membership will run from 31st March
  • Includes 200 Free Targets
  • $50 voucher towards Shooting Instruction
  • Regular shooting at Members prices means big savings and access to exclusive special events.

Our Winter season two “Super 50” bird 5 Stand Course’s have proved very successful, which means you are able to shoot a 100 birds all year round!