Duck Drive

This is your opportunity to experience a full British-style driven flighted Mallard shoot, which is unlike the traditional American duck hunt, as there is no need for blinds, waders or camouflage.

Shooters will be assigned a peg (shooting position) on the bank, positioned in the flight path. The full flocks of ducks are then driven towards the guns and you will experience high-flying Mallards filling the sky above you.

The day will begin, as always, with breakfast during which the Shoot Captain will provide a brief on the various “Drives”, safety rules and etiquette requirements. Following this will be the traditional “Drawing of Pegs”, to allocate your place in the line and then guns will move to the field.
Here guns will be assigned their peg and will shoot two full drives before stopping for the mid shoot Elevensies break. Guns then return to the waterway to shoot two more drives which will continue until the full bag is shot.

This 240 ratio Bag (Bird) Shoot is strictly limited to 12 Guns and as with all our British-style days, full hospitality of breakfast, mid morning elevensies and a home cooked gourmet post shoot diner with paired wines is included. In the spirit of the day British shooting or American classic attire is preferred so please leave your blaze orange at home.

Shoot pricing is seasonally based and non shooting guests are welcome to come along and enjoy the traditional shoot hospitality.