Our Story

Green Acres Sportsman’s Club is now America’s most unique destination for the dedicated outdoor enthusiast, offering the complete range of hunting, live wing & recreational sporting clay shooting and gun dog training services of unrivalled quality.

Established in 1970 the clubs 1000 acres has been lovingly managed and continually improved under the stewardship of Dan & Cindy Ihrke who have achieved their dream of creating the complete sporting estate by adding the Green Acres British Shooting School under the supervision of renowned English instructor & gun fitter, Keith Coyle, the last living direct coaching descendant of the great “Robert Churchill’.

​As well as providing outstanding traditional upland hunting and duck hunting, Green Acres offers a full range of classic full British-style driven Pheasant & flighted high flying Mallard shooting days. In addition we have our own unique clay target simulated British driven Partridge & Pheasant event and simulated upland hunt and duck blind layouts for hunters to practice on.

Our Hunt Club’s Management Team

Meet Dan and Cindy Ihrke!

Dan and Cindy have managed Green Acres since 1997. They both came from tightly knit families where hunting was held in high priority. They started their journey here as a young couple with great ambition and with their vision, our facility has grown from a basic hunting club into one of the nation’s most unique, well rounded sporting facilities. Although the club has grown and diversified, Dan and Cindy continue to passionately remain the Stewards of Business.

Cindy accents the club with her personal flair for service and genuine appreciation for our beautiful property. She oversees the office and kitchen, assists with organizing hunts/events, as well as cooking meals for our guests.

Over the years Dan worked diligently to refine our beautiful property and develop the hunting & shooting amenities that we offer today. One of his most substantial creations is the Gun Dog Success hunting dog training program, which, under his leadership, has become nationally recognized for excellence. Although Dan remains the visionary of hunt club, overseeing all of its main functions, he spends most of his time as a professional dog trainer/manager of Gun Dog Success.

General Manger – Johnny Powers

John Powers has been our general manager since 2016. Coming from a hunting family and being a former Army Sergeant, John is a perfect fit. He is passionate, to say the least, about our product and works with diligent focus on customer satisfaction. John is the “hub” of Green Acres, organizing and coordinating events, fielding phone calls & emails and communicating with our staff. John has an uncanny ability to help our members and their guest’s to best utilize our facilities diverse offerings.

If you would like to organize an event at Green Acres from something as simple as a 1 man hunt to something as large and complex as a 40 man, 2 day hunting adventure, John is the man to talk to.

Resident shooting Instructor/ Shoot Captain – Keith Coyle

Keith Coyle has worked for Green Acres since November 2015 accenting our club with his unique talents as a seasoned professional shooting instructor. He is responsible for completely revamping our sporting clays course and has transformed it into a well-groomed English sporting venue.

Keith has also developed several new British-style wing shooting events; including our unique Downton Day simulated game shoot where “wing meets clay”. Because of Keith, Green Acres is now able to offer an authentic selection of British-style shooting events, qualified shotgun instruction, and highly trained, experienced gun fitting.

Game Keeper – Tyler Brenner

Tyler Brenner is truly a game bird aficionado. From the time he was 13 has been raising ducks and upland game birds of all types.
Tyler is responsible for rearing and caring for all of our game birds, as well as facilitating all hunts and wing shooting events.