We opened our Sporting Clays course last Saturday, following recommended Social distancing Guidelines, it was a very busy weekend and ran successfully, so this is how we are proceeding for the time being.

*Please call ahead to Pre book, Pay for and Schedule a time to come shooting, as we are going to limit the flow of shooters on the course in order to maintain safe distancing. The Number is 217 395 2588

The Course will be Open, Friday, Saturday & Sunday with First Entries at 9.am and Last Entries at 2.pm. We are an OPEN SHOOT so all are welcome!

*The clubhouse is closed to the public, there are no refreshments available so please bring with you what you need.

*For the first time will be limiting people out onto the current 10 Station course to provide enough space to be safe, calling ahead to schedule a time is IMPERATIVE!

PLEASE NOTE: “Walk ins” will still be allowed, but you may be waiting in your car for a time if the course is already at a safe capacity.

*All Trap release handsets will be wiped down daily,however, you are encouraged to bring your own wipes.

*Groups are limited to no larger than 3 people per station at any one time.

Hopefully these are short term precautions, and we are pleased to be back open.

The pictures of our tele-boom throwing a pair of High crossing standards to Station 1.