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Our 12 station sporting clays course includes target presentations for all levels of shooter. Stands are color coded – green, blue, and red – with a posted target menu. This allows shooters an opportunity to choose the types and difficulty level of targets they prefer to shoot. Our wireless target release handsets offer 3 unique target presentations on each stand.

We take pride is setting a well-balanced course with monthly target changes while maintaining 2 unchanged stations designed for both the novice shooter and upland hunter.

We are an open shoot – everyone is welcome!

Green Acres Sportsman’s Club – Sporting Clays
In 2016 the Green Acres sporting clays course was completely redesigned and refurbished under the supervision of our resident English Instructor Keith Coyle.

The current 12 Stations, meander through a beautiful pine forest and rolling prairie with its unique backdrop adding variety to the shooter’s experience.
During winter months we operate our 5-stand course, unique rabbit skeet and a fast & Furious driven bird flurry. There is plenty to keep any level of shooter entertained regardless of season!

Summer Season Clay Pricing

Sporting Clays Course

100 Targets Non Members $45.00
120 Targets Non Members $54.00

Novice/beginner & Upland practice Stands
(25 Targets)

Member – $8.75
Non-Member – $11.25

Summer Openings

CLOSED: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

OPEN: Thursday, Friday & Saturday: First Entries 9am & Last Entries 3pm (shooting to finish by 4pm)

OPEN: Sunday: First Entries 9am & Last Entries 2pm (shooting to finish by 3pm),

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Range Rules & Club Shoot Policies

  • All shooters must sign in at the club house before starting to shoot
  • Eye & Hearing protection Must be worn by shooters and spectators. A Cap/Hat is also strongly recommended
  • No shot size larger than 7 1/2 allowed.
  • Strictly only 2 shells to be loaded at any time.
  • Guns must be kept broken/breech open until on the shooting station.
  • Do not load or put a shell in any part of the gun until on the shooting station and barrels placed safely over the front bar.
  • Do not close the action until it is your turn to shoot.
  • Shooters must eject their shells and have gun/breech open before turning around on the shooting station or moving from station to station
  • Please keep the stand tidy, pick up all your spent cartridges with the magnet stick provided and place them in the garbage tub.
  • No Birds & Trap Breakdowns: In the event a machine continues to throw “No Birds” or “Breaks down” Call the club house (217) 395-2588 and a member of staff will attend.
  • Do not attempt to touch or move the machine yourself, THEY ARE DANGEROUS!
  • Strictly No alcohol to be consumed prior or during shooting