The Grand Battue- Driven Shoot

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Our Platinum Driven Shoot


Dates to be announced for the 2016/17 season soon

Now this most exciting of all Wing/Game shooting is available at the Green Acres Sporting Estate.

Since the 18th century throughout Europe the favorite sport and pastime of the ruling Aristocracy became the formalized hunting of different types of Birds, and shooting parties held on the magnificent hunting estates of the wealthy classes became the height of social fashion.


“The Grand Battue”, The Big Beaten Drive, brings together all the elements of a great shoot, from warming up the barrels on the simulated High Pheasant, “High Tower” in readiness to tackle the live driven shoot, to the days finale’ of Driven High Flying Duck.


The day will begin, as always, with the shoot breakfast during which the Shoot Captain will provide a brief on the various “Drives”, Safety rules & Etiquette requirements. Following this will be the Traditional “Drawing of Pegs”, to allocate your place in the line and then Guns will move to the Field.


Guests are requested to dress in comfortable Country Clothing, preferably no camo /real tree.   Hearing an eye protection is a requirement as well as an orange hat and vest for the upland portion.


Grand Battue1


  • 9:00 Arrival
  • 9:30 Traditional breakfast sandwich “banjos”, shoot brief, and drawing of “pegs”
  • 9:55 Move to the field
  • 10.00 Simulated driven pheasants, two drives off the Green Acres High Tower
  • 11:00 “Elevensies”, hot drinks and snacks in the field
  • 11:30 to 1:00 Tower driven pheasant shoot (20 released birds per gun)
  • 1:00 Picnic Lunch in the field
  • 1:30 to 3:30 traditional British style driven duck shoot (20 birds per gun)
  • Return to lodge for traditional afternoon tea


$1000.00 per shooter all inclusive

Overs on ducks $30.00 per bird

Minimum of 6 maximum of 12 shooters

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