Thinking about some Coaching for this season?

Thinking about some Coaching for this season?

April 11, 2019

During an instruction session we will always review basics such as "Gun Mount" technique and "Stance', as its these two bedrocks that have such a major effect on consistency and most importantly "Perfect Gun Fit". Then we move on to applying them in the field and tackling any targets that have presented you with problems in the past.


One thing that is important to consider is that any changes or polishing of these basic skills, technique and style will need to be practised and this is "separate practice" as you can't shoot competition and practice at the same time!!!!


Despite what all these so called "Champion Shot Coaches" tell you, there is no quick fix or magic pill!!, invariably scores should go down while you develop and practice your skills until they become logged in your muscle memory and subconscious, which will take time and some determination.


So please don't be offended when I say, if you are not prepared to practice then don't waste money on a taking a lesson, over the years I have seen so many "Clay Shooters" come along for an hours Coaching on a Saturday, then expect to go to a shoot next day and shoot a 100 straight, then when they don't they say the coach was useless and go back to their old "Comfort Zone" ways!!


Remember it's "Only Perfect Practice That Makes Perfect"





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