“A Break In The Action“ - Podcast

"A Break In The Action" - Podcast

March 12, 2019

The podcast is now live.


ABITA - A conversation with Keith Coyle about British style shooting in the United States.


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A conversation with internationally known shooting instructor, Keith Coyle.  Keith is the last living direct coaching descendant of Britain's great “Robert Churchill’ and has instructed both Royalty and internationally successful shooters.  Keith has spent the last 25+ years as a course designer, shoot captain and shooting coach.  He is formally recognized by some of the most prestigious gun makers of Europe, the UK and the United States. 


Keith also currently supervises The Green Acres British Shooting School serves as their Shoot Captain for their British style shooting events.  Keith describes in detail the various British shoots that Green Acres Sportsman's Club offers and the details that make the day.






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