Duck Dog Challenge to be held December 29th and 30th!

December 7, 2018



This is a test of a retriever's ability to maintain steadiness then quickly find and deliver the hunter's harvest while also testing gun safety of the hunter.


One hunter and their retriever will move into a defined, circular grass area

The hunter will sit on the "ready bucket", prepare their retriever, and signal the judge to begin

Upon a returned signal from the judge, the hunter will load a maximum of 3 non-toxic shells into the shotgun

When ready, the hunter will blow a duck call to begin the test

Within 3 seconds, a mallard will appear and be shot by the hunter

The retriever must remain within the circular area until released by the hunter to avoid disqualification

Upon sending the retriever, a timer will begin

The timer will be stopped upon completion of the retrieve

Although handling is allowed with no penalty, at no time during the run may the hunter step out of the area

The above steps will be repeated for a second mallard and second retrieve

The entire run will be subjected to a time limit of 5 minutes

E-collars are allowed to be used during for the test

If unsafe gun handling occurs at any point during the day, the offender will be disqualified

The top 3 fastest runs will win a prize!

1st place - Proceeds of a cash pot plus 12 bird mallard hunt at Green Acres for next season

2nd place - 10 bird pheasant hunt at Green Acres

3rd place - 4 rounds of English Sporting Clays at Green Acres


A fee of $65 will be required for each run - $15 of which will be set aside for the cash pot. Hunters are encouraged to enter as many times as they would like to track improvement but may only win 1 of the prizes.


This event is great for all dogs of any skill level and is open for registration to members and non-members alike.



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