Latest Target Setting

Latest Target Setting

June 2, 2018

Well folks, here it is the glamorous reality of running Sporting Clay's shoots, 2 days setting targets and a full day of loading clay's into traps. The bonus was being welcomed back from the field by one of my favourite Americans,Mr. "Sam Adams!"

So please come along this weekend and enjoy the fruits of my and my top right hand man big Jim Griggs, (lovingly known to us as "WEE JIM"), labours! and smoke our June sporting clay's course.

The weather forecast for this weekend is:

Friday: Sunny & Cloudy mix, Dry, Temps:77* to 85*, wind speed 8/10 mph N.
Saturday: Mostly Sunny, Dry, Temps: 66* to 82*, wind speed 6 mph NE.
Sunday: Partly Sunny, Dry, Temps: 70* to 75*, wind speeds 14 to 16 mph NW.

Look forward to seeing you because "Green Acres IS The Place To Be!"




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