It's not the dog - It was its training

It's not the dog - It was its training

August 30, 2017


5 Star Review from Nancy Blanks


Dan and his team trained my Chesapeake Gauge and I just can't say enough how awesome the training was.


If you are even thinking, considering, wondering where to send your dog -- this is the place if you are serious in wanting a dog that comes back so well trained that you wonder if it is the same pup that you sent there.


I am so proud of our Chesapeake and to give you an idea, this dog Gauge is now a therapy dog for Shriners Hospital for Kids in Chicago.


It's not the dog-- it was its training.


No Chesapeake that I know unless well trained could be a therapy dog for a kids hospital. That should be proof positive that if you want a dog to be obedient (and every big dog owner should want and require that) send it to Green Acres.


If you want an amazing hunting dog and a hunting retriever champion - again send your dog to Green Acres.



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