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Keith Coyle is one of Great Britain’s most successful and experienced professional instructors, a senior CPSA coach since 1993, Sporting & F.I.T.A.S.C. Clays and Game Shooting tuition is his speciality. He learnt his trade from the very best, working for and being Mentored by Roger Silcox from 1991 to1998 at Roses Wood Shooting School, instructed in the skill of Gun Fit by the renowned Chris Craddock (Rogers own mentor) and then spent 15 years as Senior Instructor for Sam Grice at his Long Acres Shooting School, Cambridge.


For Keith, coaching is a passion as well as a profession and it is his intention to give shotgun enthusiasts the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from shooting well. In more than 27 years as a professional coach, he has helped hundreds of pupils to shoot with confidence and style. His philosophy is simple - good shooting comes from a combination of the right technique and plenty of practice.

At the Green Acres Shooting School Keith will show how anyone can master the skills they need to become a successful shot, with expert advice on the recognised methods of leading a moving target, practising correct gun mount and developing technique, sporting conduct, etiquette and most importantly of all, Safety Rules.


An hour’s tuition with Keith is guaranteed to improve your shooting and establish the technical consistency required for success in the field or competitive clay shooting. Complete beginners, novices, ladies and young shots are welcome. Shooters of any standard can expect to make rapid progress using proven, successful methods. An accurate diagnosis will quickly identify and correct any problems in technique, style or gun fit.


To shoot well and comfortably, a properly fitted gun is essential. Gun fitting (with use of a Pattern Plate) and advice on any alterations will be part of the service, as is unbiased and personal help with all aspects of guns and shooting.

A recognised Gun fitter for most of the UK’s and Europe’s Fine Gun makers, he is an experienced Sporting Course and Shooting Ground designer, having undertaken projects at Sun City, South Africa, The Delta Sporting Clays Resort, Arkansas USA and opened both the Jebel Ali S.C., Dubai in 1996 and was the pre opening Shooting Club Manager at the Al Forsan International Sports complex Abu Dhabi in 2009.

As well as running his own shooting grounds and being a successful competitive clay shot during the 1980’s & 90’s, Keith has been an ardent Game Shot, which has led him onto being a highly experienced “Shoot Captain” and in 2008 was appointed acting Estate Manger to the 4500 Acre Dunira Sporting Estate, Comrie, Perthshire in its inaugural season.

Since 2012, he has been writing coaching articles for several shooting publications and web sites in the USA, Canada, Dubai, The Middle and Far East, helping shooters new and experienced in their quest for improvement.

For further information about Keith’s career background you are freely invited to review his personal profile on his British Shooting School website -


To book your own personal lesson, reserve a place on one of the various courses for both Wing Shooting skills and Sporting Clays contact Keith direct on tel. 217 579 0229, email or call the Green Acres Club office tel: 217 395 2588


Gun Fitting

It is vital that to shoot well and comfortably, a properly fitted gun is essential.

Individual Half-Day Gun Fit Evaluation & Coaching Program - $450.00 (inclusive of all Clays Targets, Continental Breakfast and Home Cooked Lunch)


Individual Full-Day Gun Fit Evaluation & Coaching Program- $650.00 (inclusive of all Clays Targets, Continental Breakfast and Home Cooked Lunch)


For an Individual fully Customized Stock fitting Evaluation with Measurements supplied to the manufacturer - Fees will be quoted independently on each commission.

A properly fitted Gun will ensure you enjoy successful and comfortable shooting for many years to come!

For more information on Keith's 28 plus years as a Qualified Instructor and Trained Gunfitter go to his personal website “Ahead Of The Game” - Here


Tuition Fees

Tuition for individual lessons, groups or parties is by appointment only.

One Hour Lesson:

One person $150.00, Two Sharing $165.00(divided cost),

Three Sharing $180.00 (divided cost),


Two Hour lesson:

One person $280.00, Two Sharing $300.00 (divided cost),

Three Sharing $325.00 (divided cost),


½ Hour Junior:

One person $50.00, Two Sharing $65.00 (divided cost)

Three Sharing $70.00 (divided cost)


Please note that those clients sharing a lesson, Instruction is most effective when participants are of a similar skill level


Please note: Prices do not include the cost of cartridges & clays, Clients may provide their own cartridges. No charge for corkage


Clay Target & Cartridge Costs:

Clay targets will be charged at Green Acres members rates i.e. $30.00 per 100 & Cartridges will be charged at $10.00 per box of 25 for both 12g & 20g 7/8 loads.

Keith insists that all Clients wear both Hearing and Eye protection, these can be provided to pupils at no extra cost.


Traveling School

Since 1995 Keith has been delivering Coaching Courses, Master Classes and Individual Programs for Private Clients and Shooting Clubs worldwide.

He specialises in the disciplines of Sporting & F.I.T.A.S.C. Clays and Instruction for British Classic Driven & American Walked Up Wing (Game Shooting) techniques’.

​As well as Individual Instruction there are a variety of Courses & Classes for Wing & Clay shooters covering Introductory, Advanced and Masterclass levels, Juniors, Ladies and Couples days. For example:

  • Introduction to Sporting Clays.

  • Competition Sporting Clays *Essential Gun Fit

  • Shooting Low Gun for F.I.T.A.S.C, *Introduction to British Driven Wing Shooting

  • Churchill’s Instinctive Method for Wing & Clay

  • High Birds & Tower Targets

In addition to shooting classes, Keith also provides seminars, talks and after diner speaking on subjects such as:

  • Fundamentals & History of Sporting Clays

  • The Churchill & Stanbury methods

  • History & Traditions of British Driven Wing Shooting

  • Fine English Gun Makers

  • Managing a Scottish Country Sporting Estate 

  • 30 Years of being an Instructor

Instructional programs are normally tailored to the individual requirements and can run from a day up to month, so each package is costed separately to include such expenses as traveling and lodging. Expenses can be lowered if meals, and/or lodging are provided by the client/ground.

For more information on arranging a traveling school with Keith, call him direct on 217 579 0229 or email


English Sporting Clays Course Design

Since 1990 Keith has been designing and laying out Sporting Clays courses at Club, National and International level.

As a highly experienced sporting clay and wing (game) shot Keith has the skill and ability to recognise and develop the right types of location and terrain that will provide the perfect setting for a Sporting clays course to suite both the recreational and competitive shooter.

The ground chosen should combine important elements that allow stations/stands to be located were target presentations’ can be frequently reset whilst taking in to account the pleasing esthetics of the area. In a good English Sporting course, target presentation should be constantly varied to provide unlimited entertainment and challenges for all levels of shooter.

Target Setting Service

For existing Clubs and shooting grounds Keith provides a Target Setting service for all levels of course and can supply a file of presentation plans to cover a full 12 months operation.


As well as the standard type of course Keith has his own unique Golfgreen (Mini) Sporting Course.

Designed specifically for venues, such as Country Clubs and Hotels where suitable land is limited in size, this new discipline is a Mini version of English Sporting Clays (not to be confused with 5 Stand) and is shot over an area the size similar to a Golf Green. There are 4/5 Shooting Stations set at different angles and locations around the green and each station will have a sequence of targets presented in different formats.

The great advantage with this type of range is that you only need to have 1 to 3/4 greens to offer unlimited target variation, only 5 traps per layout, all Greens can be shot simultaneously , floodlighting can be used to provide evening shooting (increasing revenue) and can easily accommodate up to a full 100 target competition.

Environmental Consideration

As with all outdoor sports there is always some form of impact on the environment but with the correct planning of the facility and utilizing both manmade and natural methods of control, this ensures that any such impact is minimized to acceptable levels, and adopting a code of best operational practice that monitors and maintains the lowest levels practically achievable.

Shooting Club Design & Operation

Since 1990 Keith has been designing and laying out Sporting Clays courses at Club, National and International level.


In 1996 he opened the Jebel Ali Shooting Club in Dubai, setting up the first ever Mini Sporting Clays course to be shot under floodlight.

In 1999 he was invited to South Africa to design a National Clay Target Shooting centre at the prestigious Sun City resort and in 2009 was appointed as the pre Opening Manager for the Al Forsan Shooting Club in Abu Dhabi.

Following this, in 2010 he worked with good friend Mike Davey to set up the first preliminary Sporting Clays course at the Delta Conference Centre in Arkansas and in 2014 was tasked with designing a 5 star Shooting Club for the City of Arbil in Kurdistan.

Having managed the 4,500 Dunira Sporting Estate, Perthshire, in its 2008 inaugural season, Keith now advises and assists Clients who are considering or looking to invest in the purchase of their own U.K Sporting Estate for private and commercial use.

In addition to Clay’s course and Club design, Keith provides a full Operational support service to oversee and manage a Clubs pre- opening commissioning period that can include:-


Staff recruitment at all levels and appropriate training, advice on selection of Club Firearms and ammunition, secure armoury storage, range operating procedures and safety protocols.

Simulated Driven Game/Wing Shooting

Since 2001 Keith has been a leading designer for the newest Shooting Sport of Simulated British Style Driven Game/Wing shooting.

As well as finding the right ground locations (topography) for the various “Drives” needed to simulate a realistic British Style/ European shoot, he advises on target presentation, number of Clay traps and equipment required and the format of the day to include the important elements of Hospitality (Food & Beverage) and Shoot Etiquette.

Simulated Driven Shooting is an all year round activity and is a considerable income boost to any Club operation.

Projects are undertaken on a Global basis and all enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

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