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Green Acres Sporting Estate presents a British Driven “Trifecta”!

In Great Britain and Scotland, wing shooting opens with driven grouse on August 12th, the “Glorious Twelfth”.


In Illinois, at Green Acres Sporting Estate, we will be opening the season of driven shooting with our own “Glorious Trifecta”, a three-day extravaganza of driven shooting destined to become one of the most unique events in the history of American Sporting Shooting.


This is your chance to be part of it!

Our British Driven Trifecta is comprised of the three signature events upon which Green Acres Sporting Estate has built its reputation as a premiere British-style shooting establishment: Downton Day, La Grande Battue and Continental Mallards.

Day 1:  Our "Downton Day" is a Simulated Driven Shoot.  Multiple clays are thrown simultaneously and in rapid succession in the direction of the line of shooters to replicate the experience of a shooting driven partridge and pheasant.  The day includes unlimited Clay Birds; be prepared to shoot around 350 shells! This is the ideal way to practice for the following days’ events!

Day 2: “La Grande Battue”, French for “The Big Beaten Drive”, brings together all the elements of a great shoot. We’ll warm up the barrels by shooting multiple clay targets from our 60 foot tower. Then, it’s on to confront the 300 pheasants released from our two woodland-concealed towers. Pegs – namely, places on the line of shooters will be strategically placed around the towers’ circumference and are rotated periodically.

Day 3: Unlike the traditional American duck hunt, there are no blinds, waders or camouflage in our Continental Mallards shoot.  Shooting pegs are located on the shoreline, positioned in the flight path of the driven ducks. You will experience high-flying Mallards filling the sky above you.  Pegs will be rotated periodically and the drive will end when we reach our bag of 300

As is customary in the British hunting tradition, all of our events will include full hospitality: breakfast, traditional "Elevensies" (nibbles and libations) and a post-shoot three-course gourmet supper, with wine pairings.  British shooting attire is strongly encouraged (and in all events, please leave your blaze orange and camouflage attire at home).


For those of you coming from a distance (or those who just want to get away!), we are also including a kick-off dinner on the evening of Thursday, October 5 at the Green Acres clubhouse.

This event is limited to 10 Pegs and is sold only as a package, priced at $1,600 per gun for Green Acres members and, for non-members, $1,790 per gun. Non-shooting guests are welcome to attend and enjoy the events’ hospitality.

The Trifecta


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