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Event Date 01/01/2050



Experience the most realistic simulated driven wing shooting, the very best hospitality.


Book your place on our “Downton day” - “Where Wing Meets Clay”!


This is your chance to experience the excitement and traditions of the Classic British Driven Shoot, this day will replicate every element of real Pheasant and Partridge shooting but using clay pigeons as the quarry to recreate the “Beaten Drive” with birds constantly flying over the Gun Line from singles to full “Coveys”.


It’s Fast, It’s Furious and it’s Great Fun!!

The day will begin, as always, with the shoot breakfast during which the Shoot Captain will provide a brief on the various “Drives”, Safety rules & Etiquette requirements. Following this will be the Traditional “Drawing of Pegs”, to allocate your place in the line and then Guns will move to the Field where they will work in pairs taking turns to both shoot & load for their partner.

Places for the day are limited to 10 guns.

The Downton Day


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