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The Gundog Success pointing dog program specializes in training highly efficient, disciplined upland hunting dogs that stay within range, handle well, consistently point, and retrieve to hand. With our 36 unit heated indoor/outdoor kennel and over 1000 acres of upland habitat to train on, our knowledgeable, full time staff have all of the tools to successfully bring your pointer to its maximum potential.


Our head trainer Dan Ihrke was raised in a family where horseback field trialing was his parents’ passion. He spent countless hours as a boy helping his father train pointers. Dan has 15 years of experience and has trained hundreds of hunting dogs. He has vast knowledge of the pointing breeds and keen understanding of how dogs think. Allow your dog to be brought up to peak performance by enrolling him in Dan’s comprehensive pointing dog training program.


For more information about our general training structure, and how to get started, refer to the Our Program page.


The following are outlines of the three levels of pointer training that we offer. Because each dog is an individual, training times are listed only as general guidelines.





Pointing Dog Level 1


During this phase your dog will learn the following concepts:

  • Basic obedience, including whistle, voice and hand signals for whoa, recall and change directions.
  • Condition retrieve ( teaching the dog to pick up and hold an object to avoid negative reinforcement)
  • Collar conditioning (teaching the dog to understand that the electric collar is simply an extension of the lead).
  • Quarter within a controllable range.
  • Locate and point game birds in the upland field.
  • Retrieve birds in a stylish and disciplined manner with a finished delivery to hand.

Pointing Dog Level 2


This level of training is directed to owners that want more than just a great hunting dog. Dogs finishing this level can participate in A.K.C. hunt tests at the Senior and Master levels. During this phase your already seasoned pointing dog will learn the following:

  • Steadiness to wing and shot.
  • Honoring.


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