Training Program

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Every dog is an individual, and every owner has their own goals for their dog. Therefore, our dog training program involves evaluating your dog, listening to your goals and then designing a program customized to bring your dog to his/her maximum potential in the shortest amount of time.


The best time to start training your dog is when you get your puppy. However, we can begin training at any age beginning with an evaluation (see evaluation section below).


Puppy Training
Training should start immediately upon acquiring your puppy.

Please take time to watch the puppy videos below  to begin the initial at home puppy training process. When your puppy is twelve weeks old please call to set up your first visit where we will begin the process of teaching you how to train your puppy. Training sessions will continue every two to three weeks, depending on the dog, until the dog reaches six months and is ready for formal training.






Since every dog is an individual, each must first be evaluated.

Evaluation involves exposure to many different yard and field elements (leash, collar, choke chain, obedience, yard retrieves, dead and live birds, water, cover, etc.) and analysis of the results. This analysis will give us an indication of your dog’s ceiling of potential and will allow our trainer to set up a schedule and program designed specifically for you and your dog. Evaluations are best implemented when your puppy is 4 months old. However, we routinely evaluate older dogs up to 6 years old. A typical evaluation takes 30 min. to 1 hour.



Once evaluated, you may be asked to come back for sessions.

Session work involves bringing your dog for approximately 45 min to 1 hour of work, where the trainer will expose him to the appropriate yard and field exercises in order to advance to the next level. Usually we will ask to have a session every two weeks after your 4 month evaluation, until the time that you drop your dog off for formal training. After completing session work, your dog will be comfortable with our facility, staff and surroundings, familiar with the basic elements of obedience, and excited about the game of hunting and will be now thoroughly prepared for formal training.


Formal training

For this portion of the training, your dog will be admitted into our facility for an extended stay. Although there are exceptions, we recommend a minimum of  3 months of formal training. For more information on what to expect as a product of the formal training, please go to either the Retrievers, Pointers, Flushers, or Deer Tracking page, where there are in depth descriptions of the training.

Working with your dog during formal training is essential. After the first month of training is complete, the owner is expected to come and work with the trainer on a weekly basis. By the time of graduation, both the dog and handler should be working as a team.


What you will need when to prepare your dog for the formal training:



Dogs must be current on all vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, Lepto, Lymes, and Bordetella. Vaccination records must be submitted upon the date of admission, including a current heartworm test.

During its stay, your dog will be medicated for heartworm on a monthly basis. If you have the medication, please bring it with. If not, we will use our own and you will be billed.

Please Bring 8 days ration of the food that you are currently feeding.


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