Winter Season Newsletter 2022

We will kick off this Winter seasons newsletter by  wishing all our Members, Friends & Colleagues a Very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy & Safe 2022, full of great Hunting and Successful shooting.

It’s hard to believe we are already half way through this current  Hunting season, which is already proving to be another very busy one here at the Club, despite the unseasonal weather conditions, so let’s look forward to some new year’s chilly days and frosty blue skies!

Upland Hunting & Continental Tower

Having a plentiful supply of Birds on hand, means we can ensure Members enjoy unlimited Hunting opportunities throughout the remainder of this season, with twelve good size fields to choose from and the new pocket map helping to identify the areas and boundaries.

This coming year some future plans for the Hunt fields include improvements to the parking areas, the installation of boundary marker poles and a program of controlled burning on the more densely grown areas, to revitalize new cover. 

Passing on the legacy

All this is now in the hands of our newly appointed dedicated Game Keeper ANDY PECCHENINO, who after shadowing Tyler for the first half of the season, has been running all of the Tower Shoots, overseeing the bird stocks, including the management of the Duck Flyway and Upland Hunts, as well as working alongside Jim Griggs in outdoor operations maintenance.

Being able to devote his full time to this job, Andy is already putting into action plans that have been on the back burner for some time, such as improving the Clubs bird cleaning facilities, continuing the upgrading of holding pens plus his own ideas for future improvements all round.

The Club owes a massive thanks to our Tyler Brenner, who has done such an outstanding job over these past 4 years, as the Clubs very first game keeper, developing our Driven Tower shoots and establishing the Clubs reputation for the best Flighted Ducks anywhere in the USA and passes on an established legacy to Andy. 

The Club owes a massive thanks to our Tyler Brenner, who has done such an outstanding job over these past 4 years, as the Clubs very first game keeper, developing our Driven Tower shoots and establishing the Clubs reputation for the best Flighted Ducks anywhere in the USA and passes on an established legacy to Andy. 

*Upland Hunt Bookings;  *Time Specific.

With Club Membership continually growing it’s important to plan and book your Hunt as far in advance as possible to make sure you get your favourite field. Also can we mention that the “booked time” of your Hunt is also important, for example if you are booked in at say 8.30, please bear in mind there are likely to be others in before you, so if you arrive early you may have to be patient and enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait till your scheduled time for your birds to be put out, as our staff can only plant so many fields at any one time.


With the first snow of this new year on the ground it’s the start of the Tower Shoot & Upland Hunt combo season, from January until March, shoots can be booked Tuesday through to Sunday for Private Groups and Corporate Hunts.
Start with shooting a simulated release from our high tower with its bank of Wobble Traps throwing Clays over the heads of the guns., then it’s off to “Prairie Tower” for a morning release of 150 Pheasants over 5 rotations around the tower. After this it’s a homemade farmhouse Lunch before heading back to the field to harvest any birds that got away! 
The day is limited to 12 Guns on individual pegs, prices for the 2021/22 season are:   
Members $356.00 and Non Members $405.00

Please Note: The number of birds released on the day can be increased and if required we can go to an extended team of 14 individual Guns.
*The Club is planning to run its own open line shoots, dates to be advised.

The Future of our Sport: Non Toxic & Biodegradable Ammo.
This article came up in the Upland Project magazine on the subject of biodegradable ammunition and its components, I believe that all who Hunt & Shoot should read and consider the facts about the use of and leaving Plastic components and casings being strewn over the Countryside.

The future of the sport we all enjoy must become more environmentally considerate or else the “Antis’ will use this reason to eventually persuade politically correct and biased government to legislate its demise!…/discovering-bioammo…/…

So when out in the field please pick up your empty plastic cases before moving on after taking the shot! And become pro active in keeping the countryside in pristine condition.

Gun Dog Success & Kenneling

Despite freezing temperatures Dan, Tyler and Elijah are out training every day, both dogs and owners. 

At this time Dan and Tyler have training vacancies in February and March, Elijah is fully booked until the end of March, so if you want to get you dog on the GDS program then call Sage at the Club Office for all the details.

For those going on a Winter vacation in the coming weeks there is Boarding space available.

Also, don’t forget Gun Dog Success has its own web site at:

and its own Facebook page at:

British Driven Pheasant & Duck DaysThe Brace & Covey Club

Your job as a guest is to make it a great party, it’s a serious duty, you must be really enthusiastic about the shooting and add some humour and wit to the day!” quote by Jonathan Young.

This 2021/22 Driven shoot season has been the accumulation of five years hard work, being the busiest and most successful to date, with Guns travelling to Green Acres from all over the country to take part in our authentic British Style Driven  Pheasant & Duck Shooting events. 

As well as our own scheduled shoots we also hosted events and teams of guns from the International Order of ST. Hubertus and a House Party from the Outfitters Best Wing Shooting (John Wiles).  

Our brilliant team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff takes huge pride in ensuring our Members and guests enjoy the very best day from start to finish, with High Flying Pheasants, a Sky full of magnificent Mallards all complimented  by the finest traditional Country House Hospitality, on our shoots as well as plenty of ammunition you also need to bring a BIG appetite!!

We are already in the process of planning the 2022/23 Driven Shoot season with our signature opening “Trifecta” 3 day event scheduled for Friday the 30thSeptember to Sunday 2nd of October 2022, already 5 pegs from the 12 have been reserved, so if you want to join us on this event please call Keith at the Club Office as soon as possible. More future Dates will be published soon.

One thing we would like to mention is that we have heard that some folks are put off of coming along on one of these British Style shoots because of the “Clothing”!! Well that’s really a bit silly, isn’t it! American Hunters in the past dressed very similar and if you go Quail hunting in the Southern states, you would be expected to dress smartly, just take a leaf out of our regular Guns in the photos and dress in what I refer to as Classic American style, or just Country style. Why not book on one of this coming summers “Downton Day” simulated driven shoots to see just how much fun both the shooting and hospitality are!!

In signing off

We hope you have found this newsletter of interest and on behalf of Dan, Cindy, Sage Ihrke, Myself  (Keith) and all the team here, may we wish you and your families a Very happy 2022, with continued good health in these times and we look forward to seeing you all here at some time over the coming weeks and months.