Gun Fitting

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A properly fitted gun is essential to shooting well and comfortably.
Gun fitting and advice on any alterations are part of the Green Acres Shooting School’s services. A correctly fitted gun must also control the effects of recoil and be comfortable on the shoulder and face so there is no risk of bruising or injury during prolonged use — Two essential elements must be met before this can be achieved. Firstly, is the gun mount, the technique used by the shooter to bring the gun up to the face and eye before placing it in the shoulder. Secondly, the gun itself must be fitted to the physical characteristics of the shooter. Although it is possible to successfully shoot an unfitted gun, there will always be some type of compromise in your stance, style, and/or technique. This means, over time, you will inevitably incorrectly fir yourself to the fun to achieve correct eye-barrel alignment.

I am extremely fortunate to have been tutored in the skills of gunfitting by the renowned, Roger Silcox of Roses Wood Shooting School, Christopher Cradic, and Sam Grice. Over the past 27 years of professional coaching, I have acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience that are essential for me to provide this service at the highest level and to establish a reputation that clients, worldwide, can trust. Whether you are wanting to check the fit of your current gun, looking to gun altered to fit, buying a bespoke hand built stock, or having a fully commissioned gun manufactured by one of the U.K.’s or Europe’s fun gunmakers, please come see me.