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The hunting facilities at Green Acres Sportsman’s Club have been, since 1970, one of the best kept secrets in Illinois and the Midwest.

Its flat fields with slight inclines provide relatively easy terrain for the majority of hunters to handle when walking up with dogs and provide perfect cover for Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge and Quail.

Add to this our purpose built water/flyway system, housing our “Keepered” free range Mallard Ducks, and our two woodland concealed towers, from where high flying Pheasants are released, makes Green Acres one of the most unique and complete destinations in the U.S. for the Hunting and Outdoors enthusiast.


Introductory Hunt

Interested in checking out our facility? Try an introductory hunt. This will allow you to experience what it is like to be a member at Illinois’ Premier Sportsman’s Club. Introductory hunts are available once per year per individual.


Introductory Upland Hunt


Guided Pheasant or Partridge Hunt

20 bird Release

Up to 4 hunters

Total Package $675.00



Introductory Mallard Hunt

Guided Mallard Hunt

24 mallard harvest

Up to 4 men per blind


Total package $1035.00

Upland Hunting

For over 40 years, hunters have traveled to Green Acres to experience the finest upland hunting in Illinois.  


With its rolling prairie terrain separated with creeks, ponds, and woodlands, our 1,020 acres boasts diverse wildlife habitat, overwhelming beauty, and upland hunting perfection.


Our amount of land allows us to dedicate over a dozen incredibly large hunting fields. This will ensure that you have a very private upland experience regardless of if you are hunting solo or bringing a group!


Hunters may pursue a wide variety of upland species, including pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Bob White Quail, and Chukar Partridge.  


Also, during specified season, cottontail rabbit, woodcock, snipe, rail, and mourning dove may be harvested.  By carefully managing our grounds, we are able to guarantee your hunt experience exceeds the quality of any other upland hunting venue.


Bring your retriever, bring your pointer, or use a highly trained club gun dog to experience the best upland hunting anywhere!


Uplands Hunts are Exclusive to Green Acres members, however Non Members are allowed one introductory Hunt per year.

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Duck Hunting

Years of research have allowed us to create our own flyway!  Young mallards are released onto our large water system and are allowed to live “free range.”  


As these birds develop they learn to fly and feed like wild birds.  However, through proper management, these ducks are kept in the confines of our nearly 1,000 acre preserve.


The duck hunt takes place in concealed blinds next to the water’s edge.  Decoys are utilized and an experienced guide with a highly trained retriever is provided.  The guide will call the birds within shooting range and use a well-trained dog to pick the harvest.  Most hunters simply can’t believe that our hunts are as action packed as we claim.


Our system allows us to fill up to 7 blinds (4 hunters maximum per blind) at a time, so large parties are welcome. Please bring camo clothing and plenty of non-toxic (steel) shot, as you will be presented with many shooting opportunities!

To reserve a blind(s) for yourself, your group or your company, it is important to phone or email the Club office as soon as you can, as our dates fill up quickly and are often booked a year in advance.


You will not find a duck hunt anywhere in the U.S. that will compete with Green Acres!


Duck Hunts are open to both Members & Non Members.


Tower Release Driven Hunt - The American Classic

The driven hunt is based on a traditional British driven shoot, which is often referred to here in the U.S. as a “Continental”, and involves challenging pass shooting at upland game birds from “Pegs” (positions) set around a concealed Tower from which Pheasants are released and fly high toward and over the shooter.


Retrievers and handlers will be strategically located behind the guns to pick up the harvest. A Home cooked lunch is served mid-day, after which, those who wish to, can return to the field in pursuit of the remaining birds. Afternoon “walk-up” hunters may use their own dogs or hunt with a provided guide.


We are able to offer two separate tower locations, the first being our original which is called “Prairie Tower”. This location is perfect for those that are infrequent or new to Driven Tower hunting, as with plenty of open sky this allows for the birds to gain height gradually and the shot to develop as they fly towards and over the Guns.


Our second Tower is called “Triston’s Wood”, as it was Triston Ihrke who was the man responsible for its construction. It stands in a large grove of fully grown Pines adjacent to our lakes and waterfowl flyway, and the birds at the point of release are at some 50 feet and climbing, so by the time they come over the Guns they can be between 80 to 120 feet plus, offering challenging sport for the more experienced Hunter.


To ensure Guests experience the full enjoyment of their day and for safety reasons the maximum number of shooters per Hunt is limited to 12 individual Pegs, with a suggested Minimum of 8.


An American Classic Tower Shoot has a minimum release of 120 Birds and prices are seasonal based.


The driven hunt is an excellent option for corporate outings.  What better way to show appreciation to business associates than to share a day afield and experience this unique sporting adventure?  If you have 8 to 12 hunters, we will set you up with your own private hunt.

Green Acres Tower shoots are open to both Members & Non Members.

1458 North 1700 East Road, Roberts, Illinois 60962

Phone 217-395-2588

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