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Green Acres Sportsman's Club - About

Imagine a place of astounding beauty, holding plentiful game, where a hunter feels at home, a place where warm welcomes, the best hunting, excellent food and a family atmosphere are standard measure.


Green Acres Sportsman’s Club & Estate is now America’s most unique destination for the dedicated outdoors enthusiast, offering the complete range of Hunting, Live Wing & Recreational Shooting and Gun Dog Training services of unrivalled quality.

Established in 1970 the clubs 1000 acres has been lovingly managed and continually improved under the Stewardship of Dan & Cindy Ihrke who have achieved their dream of creating the complete Sporting Estate by adding The Green Acres British Shooting School under the supervision

of renowned English Instructor & Gun Fitter, Keith Coyle, the last living direct coaching descendant of the great “Robert Churchill’.

In order to preserve the heritage of hunting we at Green Acres prioritize maintaining the finest habitat and wildest birds.

It is our aim to keep hunting a family activity and we welcome yours to join us in the keeping the tradition of hunting alive.


Located just 2 hours South of Chicago, Green Acres combines the very best of Traditional Hunting & True Home Style Hospitality and is unequivocally now one of the finest hunting facilities in the country.


Management - Meet the team

Meet Dan and Cindy Ihrke!

Dan and Cindy have managed Green Acres since 1997. They both came from tightly knit families where hunting was held in high priority. They started their journey here as a young couple with great ambition and with their vision, our facility has grown from a basic hunting preserve into one of the nation’s most unique, well rounded sporting facilities. Although the club has grown and diversified, Dan and Cindy continue to passionately remain the Stewards of Business.

Cindy accents the club with her personal flair for service and genuine appreciation for our beautiful property. She oversees the office and kitchen, assists with organizing hunts/events, as well as cooking gourmet meals for our guests.

Over the years Dan worked diligently to refine our beautiful property and develop the hunting/ shooting amenities that we offer today. One of his most substantial creations is the Gun Dog Success hunting dog training program, which, under his leadership, has become nationally recognized for excellence. Although Dan remains the visionary of Green Acers, overseeing all of its main functions, he spends most of his time as a professional dog trainer/manager of Gun Dog Success.

General Manager - John Powers

John Powers has been our general manager since2016. Coming from a hunting family and being a former Army Sergeant, John is a perfect fit.


He is passionate, to say the least, about our product and works with diligent focus on customer satisfaction.


John is the “hub” of Green Acres, organizing and coordinating events, fielding phone calls /emails and communicating with our staff. John has an uncanny ability to help our members and their guest’s best utilize our facilities diverse offerings.

If you would like to organize an event at Green Acres from something as simple as a 1 man hunt to something as large and complex as a 40 man, 2 day hunting adventure, John is the man to talk to.

Resident shooting Instructor/ Shoot Captain - Keith Coyle

Keith Coyle has worked for Green Acres since November 2015 accenting our club with his unique talents as a seasoned professional shooting instructor.


He is responsible for completely revamping our sporting clays course and has transformed it into a well-groomed English sporting venue.


Keith has also developed several new British Style wing shooting events; including our unique Downton Day simulated Game Shoot where “wing meets clay”.


Because of Keith, Green Acres is now able to offer an authentic selection of British Shooting Events, Qualified Shotgun Instruction, and Highly Trained, Experienced Gun Fitting.

Outdoor Operations/ Maintenance Technician - James Griggs

Game Keeper -  Tyler Brenner

Tyler Brenner is truly a game bird aficionado. From the time he was 13 has been raising ducks and upland game birds of all types.


Tyler is responsible for rearing and caring for all of our game birds, as well as facilitating all hunts and wing shooting events.

James is responsible for keeping our property beautiful through proper grounds keeping and building maintenance.


He keeps our sporting course running smoothly and all vehicles maintained. James also assists in setting up hunts and taking care of hunting customers during season.


If you need something outdoors, give James a shout and he will take care of you!



In 1969 a beautiful dairy farm was discovered by several sportsmen living in the Chicago land area that were looking for a place to run their bird dogs. The original parcel consisted of 320 acres of rolling farm land that had an unusual amount of character compared to the surrounding agricultural ground. Over the next few years, grasses, food plots and trees were planted, two ponds were excavated, and trap range and kennel facilities were added.


In 1970 the club incorporated as Green Acres Sportsman’s Club, and officially began offering hunting memberships. For over 25 years the club was managed as a basic sportsman’s club that offered upland hunting, flighted mallard shooting, trap shooting, and hunting dog training. As the years went on the old dairy farm land matured into a true natural hunting setting and was considered to be one of the best hunting parcels in its area.

In 1997, the club underwent a change of management. A young couple named Dan and Cindy Ihrke took over and they have been there since. Their dream was to enhance the beautiful property and add more amenities in order to make Green Acres a well-rounded sporting facility. They slowly began piecing together their dream, adding a beautiful clubhouse, a sporting clays course, and a mallard hunting marsh. Also, two more adjacent parcels of land were added to the hunting facility, bringing the total available hunting ground to over 1000 acres.


Dan took over the dog training duties and quickly discovered that he possesses a rare talent. Through the last 15 years he has generated an excellent reputation, and has made the club a regional destination for those interested in having their hunting dogs trained.

Green Acres has developed into a truly well balanced hunting facility, offering the bird hunter virtually anything he may desire.


Green Acres is Now Accepting Applications for 2020 Memberships

Apply for Membership Today!

  • Over 1,000 acres of pristine bird habitat for your hunting pleasure

  • On-site shooting instruction and sporting clays course

  • Early access to club sponsored hunts of British and American style

  • Memberships include family access

  • Short drive from Chicago, Champaign, and Bloomington

  • Exclusive access to club events and seminars

A Membership That Delivers The Ultimate Hunting Experience

Birds! Birds! Birds!

All members receive an annual $250 bird credit to use on their hunts at Green Acres.

What better way to get started with the season started?

At Your Service

At Green Acres, we take nothing more seriously than your satisfaction.

Our full-time staff is dedicated to making every moment you're at Green Acres unforgettable.

The Fields of Your Dreams

For over 20 years, we've managed and manicured our fields to exacting specifications.


 The gently sloped meadows where pheasant, chukka, Hungarian partridge, and quail lie in hiding are the sights of your bird hunting dreams.

Ducks for Days

With our purpose built flyway and our "keepered" free range mallard flock, duck hunts at Green Acres are action packed.


You won't find another place like it in the Midwest. Most of our members who've been liken the experience to hunts in Argentina.


Exclusive Discounts on Dog Training

From pointers to flushers to retrievers, our staff lives to train and work with dogs in the field.


All members receive discounts on training programs. Our membership program truly extends to the canine members of your family.

The Best of Sporting Clays

Our 12 station English sporting clays, 5 stand layout and unique rabbit skeet range will entertain and challenge all levels of shooter from the novice to the serious competitor.


World Class Shooting Instruction & Gun Fitting

Resident Coach, Keith Coyle, is considered one of the United Kingdom's most traditionally trained and experienced professional shooting instructors and gun fitters.


Hunting Memberships

Sportsman's Membership

  • Includes yourself, spouse, and any children under 21.

  • Guest Fee- $36.00 per gun, limited to 3 visits per guest.

  • $250.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.

Sportsman's Gold Membership


  • Includes yourself, spouse, children under 29 and parents over 65.

  • No guest fees apply.

  • $250.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.


Corporate Membership

  • May designate 3 employees as members who may visit individually.

  • No guest fees.

  • Guests must be accompanied by one of the designated members.

  • $600.00 bird package included if dues are paid by July 31st.

Clay's Only Membership

The annual Membership will run from 31st March, cost is $200.00 and includes 200 Free Targets, a $50 voucher towards Shooting Instruction, regular shooting at Members prices means big savings! and access to exclusive special events.

Our Winter season two "Super 50" bird 5 Stand Course's have proved very successful, which means you are able to shoot a 100 birds all year round!


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1458 North 1700 East Road, Roberts, Illinois 60962

Phone 217-395-2588

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